About Us

About Us

About UpTown Cuisine

The team behind UpTown Cuisine although a new name has over 22 years of experience in catering and providing a food service to customers in the UK.

UpTown Cruising has always been about providing its customers with a different eating experience and a more enjoyable way of enjoying the dishes it produces.

Here at UpTown Cuisine we aim at providing our customers with:

  • A true & professional service
  • Good quality food and produce
  • Well-presented and tasty dishes
  • A reliable and efficient service
  • And a taste of home

Once we have served you, we know it won’t be long before you return and we are always ready to welcome you back.

Our staff are always happy to accommodate you and we will do our best to give you an eating experience second to none.

With our wide range of dishes, we know there are some that you may not have tasted before and we are quite happy for you to try before you buy.

This is the service and experience we give you when you step through the doors of UpTown Cuisine.

Eat in or take away the choice is yours.